Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

Saturday, Sunday, Monday.

On my way home on Friday Jane announced that her brother, John, and one of his daughters, Sonia, were arriving on Saturday morning to see Pat. So...

An alarm at 7 o'clock to wake me up in time to shower before leaving to pick John and Sonia up from Manchester Airport. Their flight from Toronto was 7 minutes late landing but it then took another 30 minutes for them to disembark. Apparently the pilot overshot the approach to the gate and they had to be towed back into position.

From the airport we went to the hospital. Jane's mum appears to have made a miraculous recovery. She was quite lucid though she kept forgetting Sonia's name, calling her Wendy (and old friend of Richard's).

We left the hospital about 1 o'clock. John went back to Fran and Gerry's and Sonia came with us. They both had a sleep, Jane had a rest and I went shopping.

We visited Pat again in the evening and then went to Captain Tony's for a pizza. After the pizza we went to the Pilot Boat and the Magazines. We would have stayed in the Pilot but they had some sort of sub-kareoke act on.

At 11 o'clock most of us went home but Sonia, who said she had her second wind, went out to New Brighton with Richard. She stayed at Richard's.

I managed to watch one episode of Baylon 5 while eating my breakfast.

About mid-day John arrived and then Sonia and Richard. Richard went home as he had some school work to do and I took John & Sonia to the hospital.

On the way back I went to Woolworth's to pick up the small greenhouse that Jane wanted. After I'd put this together we went to the hospital. This time Pat was very tired so we sneeked out when she fell asleep.

In the evening John, Sonia, Jane and I went to Magic Spices for tea. Sonia wasn't very impressed with India food. When we got back there was a message from Richard asking if Sonia wanted to go out, which she did.

Back to work for a rest!

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