Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 04-05-2010

  • 07:52:22: @CattyJacques (some time later) yes, great film & I've no problem with language at the start, which is prolly why I don't find it funny
  • 07:55:48: RT @ProfBrianCox: Horizon is incredibly important for BBC. I and most of the directors and crew on #wonders learnt our trade on it. Long ...
  • 08:04:04: Bugger. Been listening to Radio 4 to avoid the shouty bloke on Radio 2. Then realised it's a bank holiday and that Richard Alinson was on.
  • 08:42:07: @OldPostcards You're stuffed when it comes to R2 this morning then! I really like Richard Alinson - been a fan for years.
  • 11:33:08: @CattyJacques I think it's supposed to be funny because they're swearing. Doesn't work for me -it's just a word begin repeated
  • 20:21:14: RT @happygeek: By me @DaniWeb: Forget the iPad, here comes iPhone OS 4 -

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