Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 04-03-2010

  • 08:10:45: @CattyJacques Flash Gordon: the Sam Jones film? Brillient "she appears to be enjoying it, my Lord" - or something like that.
  • 08:13:20: Up and at 'em! Time to give blood again - this seems to come around so fast. This'll be number 42. Not bad for a late starter, I think.
  • 10:30:00: Awash with a pint of water waiting for a couch to give blood.
  • 10:51:20: Tea and a penguin... It's a fair trade I suppose.
  • 13:05:53: How come so many presenters can't say sixth? It's six-th, not sick-th. There's a big clue in the number it's representing.
  • 15:20:12: The Boat Race is on the Beeb. Oh no, hang on, there's an hour and a quarter of heads talking bollocks first.
  • 16:41:59: DCI Gene Hunt: Please talk now you mare
  • 17:02:23: The Boat Race: after all these years I still don't know what XChanging is (or why anyone would give something such a bloody ugly name)
  • 18:59:17: I spy with my little eye... Bob Barry
  • 19:53:09: @ProfBrianCox Yep - Humax is the only way to go
  • 23:26:13: @CattyJacques Well done.
  • 23:57:24: aqz

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