Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 03-29-2010

  • 11:01:16: @simonmayo I work from home and everyone I work with thinks I work in my PJ, but I don't.
  • 14:37:58: @aletalk Ha-har! Imade a typo when entering the beer festival details for the Cheshire Cheese. It should be chicken not chicked :)
  • 15:01:14: @aletalk I'm glad I did... made it sound kind of sleazy!
  • 17:32:20: RT @stephenfry: Worth breaking my twitter silence for: I love them so much it hurts. Dan & Dan FTW
  • 19:08:11: @happytyskie Go Compare by a long chalk. Can't you just see the ad men, with stern faces, agreeing with each othe that the singer is 'funny'
  • 19:09:47: @happytyskie You now have one vote for each. You have the casting vote. ;-)
  • 19:14:33: @happytyskie Actually, I vote for the Halifax 'radio' adverts. Comedy written by people that obviously never laugh.
  • 19:37:02: @cromwellswirral I'm on as GreekVicar
  • 19:47:41: @cromwellswirral Jeepers, you're quick - I'm still drinking my cup of tea! I'll accept your friend request in a bit.
  • 20:53:09: @happygeek Best wishes for the kidney thing.

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