Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 03-28-2010

  • 12:39:38: @cromwellswirral Stick with the one account. This account would be in danger of becoming very dry if it was just about menus & opening times
  • 12:41:02: RT @liverpoolphil: So, who's excited about seeing Peter Andre at the Phil tonight? <- ha ha ha ha ha!
  • 12:50:03: @cromwellswirral Not that your menus aren't interesting, if you know what I mean :-) I will be a customer one day, honestly!
  • 13:03:23: Back from badminton game. I won, which was a nice surprise. Played better than I expected too, given our lack of play the last 18 months
  • 14:54:28: RT @aleksk: "tempoarily oversold" i hate you <-- is that better than "sold out" then?
  • 19:52:50: @simonmayo In which case, whatever Converse trainers are, you should wear them constantly.
  • 21:15:07: Wow! Asda now guarantee their clothes for 3 months!
  • 21:31:46: By the way, been meaning to say, for some time, the best hot cross buns I've ever tasted are from Dodgsons, Wallasey
  • 21:51:12: @cromwellswirral Oh yes, all Dodgsons' stuff is good but the hot cross buns... Oh, oh, oh!
  • 21:57:52: @cromwellswirral Oh and yes to Holly Wibbily's microphone
  • 22:05:32: @cromwellswirral And round the corner from us too! We are deffo neighbours!!
  • 22:08:03: @cromwellswirral And thinking on the Holly's mic thing... I think I'd rather like to be Maria's [text deleted]
  • 22:37:12: @cromwellswirral I didn't realise we were that close. We're in Cambridge Road.
  • 23:01:12: *Very* small world, what?
  • 23:14:53: "And this is Fr Brian Eno" - line from Fr Ted, Going To America (and it was)

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