Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 03-21-2010

  • 12:15:35: For a variety of reasons (& excuses) Phil & I have only played badminton once this year. Today the centre was closed; water in the electrics
  • 12:22:01: And the sun is shining so there'll be gardening to be done. Shubber.
  • 12:22:22: Shudder, even.
  • 12:46:32: @CattyJacques Butter, got to have butter & Daddie's (assuming it's brown) please.
  • 13:14:45: @CattyJacques Just made the very same point re bread for her bacon butty to Mrs M. Usually has granery & no butter - Sooooo wrong!
  • 13:35:23: W00t! We've won £100 on the Thunderball.
  • 16:59:57: Looking at the level of football related tweets I'm glad I've been working in the garden (and that's saying something).
  • 20:27:41: Dancing on Ice: the audience are busy ruining "Always" by clapping innanely (sp?)
  • 20:30:12: @CattyJacques You know your butties! I agree completely and, yes, BLT doesn't count because it's not a classic 'breakfast' butty
  • 20:45:17: You can tell Tony Gubba is a sports commentator 'cause he spouts complete bollock 'with authority'.
  • 20:47:11: @CattyJacques It's worse than you think - I have to make the granary bread (all to do with intollerance to preservatives).
  • 21:02:24: @CattyJacques Ah, don't be fooled it's via a bread machine. I used to make bread by hand occasionally, long time ago. Easy option taken now
  • 21:14:51: @CattyJacques They're not a cheap way of making bread but you know exactly what you're getting and, jeepers, it's fresh! I'll shut up now :)
  • 22:11:53: Wonders of the Solar System - how the hell did I miss this? Oh yeh, I know.
  • 23:35:52: RT @safety: We are seeing some new attempts at phishing being sent out in DM's. Please be careful where you click and where you login!
  • 23:37:06: @OldPostcards Just retweeted a message from @safety sent a couple of hours ago.

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