Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 03-09-2010

  • 14:45:56: If I'm holiday, why have I just been working in the garden?
  • 14:48:22: @cromwellswirral If I was at Cheshire Farm icecream lunch would be icecream :-)
  • 14:50:45: @happytyskie Personally, I don't think it's ever too early to go to a good pub. It's Mrs M that puts the blocks on things like that.
  • 14:51:46: @happytyskie Which reminds me, I used to love Sunday breakfast at the White Lion in West Kirby. The bar used to open just as breakfast ended
  • 14:56:48: @happytyskie Saddly that's out of the question until later We're off to our friends' daughter in her school musical this evening.
  • 14:57:37: @happytyskie I'm talking late 70s early 80s re the White Lion. Breakfast on a sunny morning in the garden was great.
  • 15:07:15: @happytyskie Not heard anything yet but the Cheshire Cheese's Cider Festival was in April last year. I'd expect summat from them soon.
  • 15:11:55: @happytyskie Dunno if you're on Facebook not much movement there!
  • 15:12:52: @happytyskie Yes, the Clarence's festival used to coincide with the Wirral Show. Don't know what they'll do this year.
  • 15:13:44: @happytyskie and as you can see from my other tweet, the Cheese Cider Festival was in the summer. The weather last year fooled me
  • 15:14:31: The Telegraph usually has 2 festivals, one at either end of the summer. Should be one in May, maybe.
  • 15:17:42: @happytyskie The Telegraph are celebrating St George's Day - - Friday 23 April
  • 15:18:27: Lunch! The remains of last night's pizza all heated up - yum!
  • 15:35:17: @happytyskie Are you on FB? If you are, you should be able to find me easilly.
  • 16:03:37: @happytyskie So I see!
  • 19:12:01: @Faymondo73 Haha! You have my sympathy - I was a contractor for 20 years. Doesn't half focus your mind when you can't work.
  • 22:46:41: Just been to see our friends daughter in Sweet Charity & got another friends son as a surprise bonus.
  • 23:07:21: @Faymondo73 I've driven 70 miles through snow to make sure I could keep billing - to an office empty of locals who couldn't make it in.

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