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What was that? It was the weekend disappearing...

I arrived home at my usual time of 5:30 and luckily we didn't have to go anywhere. This is a rare occurrence these days and I took full advantage of it and of the free drinks on the train.

As usual Saturday was spent doing the shopping and other mundane things. In addition we went to visit Jane's mum. She is a lot calmer than she has been of late but is definitely not recovering. During the week she "escaped" at 4 o'clock in the morning and fell over in the hospital grounds, grazing her knee and bruising her nose and mouth. It is very unlikely that she will ever be able to look after herself ever again. The initial plans are being laid for finding her a home to move to, but it is very early days.

Today has been full of nothing really. Jane spent part of the afternoon gardening. I spent some time playing around with Linux and a bit of time trashing the OS on my laptop but WTF...

I rustled up tea and now it's time to sit down and do sod all in front of the television.

Work next week will be slightly different in that I have a "kick-off" meeting to go to. We officially became Integris a Steria company at the beginning of this month and we're all off to the Barbican in London on Wednesday to see the new company in.

Being a contractor I don't normally get invited to this sort of thing and originally turned down the invitation only to be told that I had to go. Still, it's billable, so who's to argue?

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