Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 03-04-2010

  • 09:53:21: Does the cat know what day it is? She's 90 minutes late wowing for her breakfast. Thank you Ephie, I needed that.
  • 11:16:46: Catching up on Lost. Spoilt by the silly 'English' accents. Gaw blimey guvner, love a duck.
  • 15:09:33: Glorious clear blue sky at the moment, broken only by an orange & white Easyjet flying over.
  • 15:18:37: Haha! Look it the old bugger - has to swap his glasses to play his XBox.
  • 15:39:10: Oh dear, I appear to share my birthday with Janie Lee Grace.
  • 18:01:19: RT @pc_pro: PC Pro exclusive: Argos credit-card scandal worsens
  • 19:46:33: @cromwellswirral Vip? No! I'm booked in next week ;-)
  • 20:28:59: Off to LGT for my first birthday nosebag. But first, a few beers at the Clareville.
  • 22:35:13: Not the Clareville, the Telegraph. Much better: Shropshire Stout.
  • 22:39:09: Hmm. Connectivity problems. I was in the Telegraph an hour & 40 ago. Delayed tweet! Now stuffed full of chicken skordo, rice & green beans.

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