Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

An update.

The last four days have been hectic.

The train home on Friday was full. First class normally has at least two full coaches and the partial coach in the buffet. For some reason the set I was on had one coach and the buffet. I found a seat, but it was a squeeze!

We were supposed to visit Jane's mum in the evening but didn't because Jane felt ill again. On the good news front the miniature digital camera had arrived so I set that up and had a play.

During the day we did a little shopping and then went to see Jane's mum. While we were there Gerry and Richard arrived, closely followed by Fran. Pat decided that Richard was John, much to his surprise. She took some convincing; at one point winking at me and saying (to paraphrase) "take no notice of John, he fools around sometimes".

In the evening we went to the Telegraph, Stanley's Cask and the Ginny with John, Pat and Sophie. It was virtually a repeat performance of last Monday but with different people.

Jane played with the miniature camera and has now decided that digital photography is for her. This is a good thing. I've been angling for a decent digital camera for some time. Now I know what I can get her for her birthday.

Felt a bit queasy most of the day....

Strangely, the train from Liverpool was the same configuration as that on Friday but was nowhere near as full. It arrived at Watford Junction on time allowing me to catch a slightly earlier train to Hemel, getting me to work 15 minutes earlier than normal. Every minute counts. Every minute is billable.

We're in the silly season at the moment. With the Easter, early May, and late May holidays eating in to working time. In addition, this year's late May holiday has been moved to June and had a day added to it for the Queen's Golden Jubilee. How kind of her to take a day's wages off me in celebration of her 50 years on the throne. In theory I could work on the public holiday, but don't really fancy sitting in an office all on my own.

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