Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 12-19-2009

  • 10:26:10: @OldPostcards I don't think Joe's dream is a Christmas No.1. I think it goes deeper than that. The No.1 is a marketing ploy by Simon Cowell.
  • 10:26:53: Damn, it must be cold out there.
  • 11:59:10: What snow? Have you got snow?
  • 12:02:14: @OldPostcards Wow! Wonder if it will get to us!
  • 12:04:48: It's snowing - only just!
  • 12:17:07: @OldPostcards It's got heavier here. Don't want much though - going to the Phil's carol concert tonight.
  • 12:54:04: @OldPostcards Stopped here too now.
  • 23:27:38: Back from the Liverpool Philharmonic Chistmas concert. Our 2nd one & just as wonderful as last year's. I even got to sing with the choir ;)
  • 23:44:58: I'm close to finishing Learning jQuery 1.3 (Chaffer & Sedberg, Packt Publishing). Clear & concise & doesn't try to teach outside the subject
  • 23:45:44: @aletalk There's worse than me, believe me!
  • 23:54:32: The Fatest Man in Britain - quite possibly the most unappealing TV programme I've seen trailed in a long time.

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