Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 12-12-2009

  • 02:11:53: @cheneyheadshot Some time later: Fireball's on Fireball. I'm a bit dazed & confused at the mo. Listening to stuff I've not heard fo 30 years
  • 02:12:23: @cheneyheadshot And congrats on no. 25.
  • 02:17:49: Been missing all day. Busy day at work - just read all my tweets going back 14 hours. Time for a kip and up for the Farmers' Market tomorrow
  • 09:36:26: @happytyskie See, I knew you'd go to bed early ;-)
  • 09:39:10: Did the smell of the baking bread wake me up or was it just a coincidence? Whatever, it was very nice.
  • 14:19:02: Alison Moyet tonight, preceeded by a Christmas meal at Bistro Jacques.
  • 14:57:10: @KaveyF Don't think you can sell on Ebay without a PayPal account. So that makes sense.
  • 15:43:58: @KaveyF Unfortunately you were probably talking to drones, no matter what they said. Glad it's sorted.

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