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Two songs.

I've just remembered two songs, both by Jethro Tull, that sort of relate to Pat's situation...

Tip-toes in silence
'round my bed
and quiets the raindrops
With her ever lasting smile
she stills my feaver for a while,
oh, nursey dear, I'm glad you're here

Cheap day return
On Preston platform,
do your soft-shoe shuffle dance.
Brush away the cigarette ash
that's falling down your pants...
and you sadly wonder...
does the nurse treat your old man
the way she should?
She made you tea,
asked for your autograph...
...what a laugh

I first heard these songs when I was 13 or 14. I didn't realise then that it would take me 30 years to fully understand them. I suppose I'm quite lucky really.

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