Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 11-05-2009

  • 11:05:34: @oldpostcards Strike? What strike? The card arrived about 5 minutes ago. Thanks.
  • 15:17:56: I hope the beer festival at The Farmers is indoors - cause it's peeing down at the moment.
  • 18:54:18: Curses! Seems we're not going to the Farmers for the beer festival. Curses!
  • 18:57:10: @happytyskie It's a glum world some times.
  • 21:03:58: @happytyskie I'm off to party tomorrow and the Phil on Saturday. May give Wetherspoon's a go on Sunday if I can convince Mrs M
  • 21:12:15: Just finished setting up paging using Codeigniter. I'm well impressed.
  • 22:29:49: Listening to Bad Sneakers by Steely Dan.

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