Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 10-07-2009

  • 07:50:19: Great show by Georgie Fame at Pacific Road last night.
  • 10:08:19: @happytyskie Alan Price is on the Phil soonish
  • 10:11:44: @OldPostcards Yep, along with Bonny & Clyde and Get Away (which I'd forgotten about) and lots of other great stuff. His voice is still great
  • 13:06:31: @OldPostcards Same here but you got to grab the chance. He's good for 66 but time's pressing on.
  • 13:06:32: @happytyskie Yes, Fame & Price. The concert is a multi act thing on, I think, 16 Nov.
  • 16:28:01: @cheneyheadshot More police women should look and dress like that
  • 16:35:57: I am on holiday and yet moving furniture about. Does not compute.
  • 16:37:03: I'd much rather be playing with #CodeIgniter and my postcard web site.
  • 19:39:29: @OldPostcards I'd love to see Cliff & the Shads but I HATE HATE HATE The Echo Arena and the insane prices they charge.

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