Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 09-25-2009

  • 07:00:48: Woke up yesterday morning with reduced hearing in my left ear. Still the same after a day. Arse.
  • 14:02:59: @OldPostcards Delcampe: I can't see any descriptions of the cards - is there any? Like if and when posted, used or unused?
  • 14:17:52: @OldPostcards Doh! I was being dim. I was clicking on the image which was zooming it out. Didn't think of clicking the link below it!
  • 14:21:01: @OldPostcards I'll register - just waiting to be paid - not had any salary for 2 months!
  • 15:40:38: @happytyskie The Beers are on you!
  • 15:41:53: Booked into the Docs on Monday evening for my lughole.
  • 16:28:14: @happytyskie No need, a handshake's good enough for me!
  • 17:45:17: @judietzuke Acoustic album. Excellent!
  • 17:53:18: More beer!
  • 18:18:47: Fyne Ales Vital Spark. Full flavour but a little disappointing. **
  • 18:51:03: Liverpool Organic Brewery Premiere. Very commendable but too thin and tart for me. *
  • 19:06:55: Acorn Barnsley Bitter. Couldn't taste the promised chocolate. *.5
  • 19:39:04: Think I'll learn to play guitar. Give me a year and I'm sure I'll be better than the tit ruining Dirty Old Town as I type.

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