Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 09-23-2009

  • 12:57:36: How is it possible to make a curry spicey yet bland? I'd have had the faggots but no peas - sweetcorn just ain't right.
  • 14:41:40: @KaveyF Yes, I know :-) This had a chilli tang to it but tasted of nothing else. It was tang with no other decernable flavours.
  • 15:21:52: @KaveyF I would, if I was running the canteen I was eating in :-)
  • 17:53:29: @KaveyF You're right; first choice was faggots but I was miffed they didn't have peas. Not that I could guarantee the faggots w/be any good
  • 20:42:13: She's been on for less than 5 minutes but I'm already in love with Paloma Faith.
  • 21:20:38: @aletalk That's just the way to do it. And there's nowt better than a post work pint.

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