Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 09-16-2009

  • 07:21:32: Y'know, I can't fault it. I always have a bloody good kip in the purple room.
  • 07:48:11: The Yeh-Yous, Getting Up with You: a great song hidden away under a pile of over production.
  • 10:18:53: @aletalk Would be better if they were walks TOO pubs ;-)
  • 20:19:18: @happytyskie Even slugs won't touch lager. It has to be beer. Use really cheap supermarket stuff in a tub deep enough for um to fall in.
  • 21:37:58: @happytyskie The pot needs to be high enough that they have to climb. Beer needs to be low enough that they fall in.
  • 21:39:14: @happytyskie Neary Dan - already got our tickets
  • 21:44:53: @happytyskie That sounds like it'll be too shallow. Needs to be like a Muller Corner pot. If they don't need to climb they'll just drink it
  • 21:50:57: @happytyskie Not seen them before. Seen them on YouTube too. I'm a bit dubious about a woman singing Dirty Work, but we'll see. Gota av a go

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