Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 08-14-2009

  • 07:07:13: @happytyskie Bewilder is Sunlight with added wild hops. Only available at certain times of the year. Try it when you can.
  • 07:18:05: Goodbye (and thank you) to Les Paul - off to the great guitar shop in the sky.
  • 08:51:24: Chief Guider on BBC Breakfast: 'girls are allowed to be scouts, they're called Beaver Scouts'. Said without any irony whatsoever.
  • 15:31:28: @happytyskie So, tell me, what is the FF thing?
  • 15:37:58: @happytyskie Ah-ha! I'd worked out it was Follow Friday but didn't know why or what the rules were. I do now :-)
  • 15:49:39: When you've nowt else to do - eat Greek. Table booked for 8 tomorrow night.
  • 16:05:29: Goodbye Iceforce. My service company was disolved on 11th August after 20 years, 4 months and 11 days of trading.
  • 16:54:20: @happytyskie It was intentional. Didn't make financial sense to keep it running now I've got a 'propper' job. Still the end of an era though
  • 17:06:20: @cheneyheadshot No safety net now; I'm a fully committed employee.
  • 17:18:20: @OldPostcards That inocent I met? Never! :-)
  • 17:20:55: - No idea what Frasier's waiting for but he sits here for /hours/, watching the wall.

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