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Tweeting, The Philharmonic and Spotify

For some time I've been meaning to write an entry but, as always happens with me, time (and my wife) overtake me. I have discovered, finally, a way to at least post something on a regular basis.
I set up my Twitter account some time ago but did nothing with it. That was until a real friend, friended me. This prompted me to re-evaluate Twitter and I've been tweeting ever since. If you're interested, you can find me here.
I tend to use Gravity on my company mobile. My tweets are forwarded to my Facebook status.

I have mixed feelings about the various companies that use Twitter as a marketing tool. I've taken to banning any that start to follow me if we have nothing in common. One organisation that I am following is the Liverpool Philharmonic. The Phil has recently launched a redesigned web site. That has reminded me of something else I was going to write about.

Last year Jane and I subscribed to the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra's 2008 Saturday Series of concerts. We added in a couple of other orchestral concerts too, most notably, The Spirit of Christmas and Pictures at an Exhibition. Disappointingly, one thing that is still missing from the Phil's web site is the ability to link back to old events. I don't fully understand why this is; I would have expected it to be quite a valuable, word-of-mouth, marketing tool. For the new season I have added all the Orchestra's concerts that we are attending to my Events on
For 2009 we have selected a range of concerts that include all those in the new Saturday Series. This starts with Guitar Hero on 24th October and, via The Spirit of Christmas on 19th December, runs through to French Impressions on 5th June 2010.
If you follow these links (to please note that the event links at the top of the listings are now broken by the Phil's new site. Buggered if I'm going through all of the entries I've created changing everything. Not catering for existing external links in some way has got to be a mistake (BAD Wolf! - then again, having just failed to increase the font size to something I'm comfortable reading on that site, I'm not surprised the links are now broken).
In particular, I'm looking forward to Lark Ascending on 18th March; once I have Elgar's Enigma Variations under my belt I'm only left with Holst's Planets to complete the pieces I know from my childhood.

Finally, on a related music note (pun intended), I'm most impressed with Spotify. I've only been a subscriber for 3 days but already I'm planning con cancelling my Napster To Go account (I don't need the To Go bit any more anyway, and Spotify is just nicer to use.
Tags: royal liverpool philharmonic, spotify, twitter, web site design

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