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Living in the Past

Twenty Five hours ago I'd just arrived back home from Liverpool after seeing Jethro Tull in concert.
I drove over and we met Gill at Bistro Jacques for a meal.
The meal was a bit of a let-down. Jane and I had steaks and they were of extremely poor quality. Everything else was fine but Jane ate so little of hers that a waitress asked what was wrong before we'd had the chance to say anything. Quite correctly, they dropped the price of Jane's meal off the bill after first offering her something else.

Jethro Tull are currently celebrating their 40th anniversary. Consequently, they concentrated on the earlier albums. In particular the first two, This Was and Stand Up. Good stuff as Stand Up is probably my favourite of their albums. Highlights for me included We Used to Know (from Stand Up), With You there To Help Me (from Benefit) and Just Trying to be (from Living in the Past). The last of which has one of my favourite opening lines "There was a time when you were young and walked in that way". I was also extremely pleased to hear a version of Nursie - a song I never thought I'd ever hear played live.
All in all it was a wonderful couple of hours, marred only by Ian Anderson's voice. That's not a criticism, but an observation. Forty years of singing and playing the flute live has taken its toll. He appears to have lost a lot of range.
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