Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

That was a busy week

Monday afternoon saw me on my way down to Oxfordshire for our monthly company meeting.
I usually stay until 3 o'clock Thursday but left this week at midday on Wednesday. This got me home in time to drop my bags off and nip down to the garage to sign for my new car.
I originally had a meeting booked in Staffordshire for 2 o'clock on Thursday but cancelled it, allowing me to pick the car up that evening.
Unfortunately a user called me and insisted that I be on site on Friday to sort out a problem.
Still, that allowed me to try out the car. I'll well happy with it.

I'm back down to Staffordshire tomorrow, for 4 days. I'll be spending 2 nights with K&J and one night at a hotel. One of my colleagues is visiting the site on Thursday and we're taking the opportunity to introduce him to all the users he's been talking too, but never met. We're doing this in the morning before all the meeting start in the afternoon. Hence the overnight stay.

[Thinks] Must book his laptop in to get Notes installed.
Tags: car, work

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