Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

Thursday to Sunday

Eddi Reader* was as wonderful as ever on Thursday. It was nice to see her with a full (7 piece) band again - especially to see Roy Dodds back on drums.
We met Ed and Lyn in the bar - well, I met them there when I was trying to find change for the taxi driver. Taxi drivers with no change? I foolishly thought they were a thing of the past. Once that was sorted there was just enough time to buy the latest 2 albums and down a glass of wine.
Support was a guy called Kris (who's surname escapes me - and as Eddi's site is down I can't look it up). A couple sitting next to us did that most rude of all things and walk out while he was playing. As far as I'm concerned, if you don't want to give a support act all your attention you don't watch them at all. Anyway, that got their just deserts. Eddi and all her band joined Kris on stage for the remainder of his set - and they missed it all.
Kris was then a permanent fixture on the stage, reappearing as part of Eddi's band later.
I didn't get to bed until 1:30 making me a very tire boy for...
Work was excruciating because I was so tired. But the meal at Mezze was excellent. The owner greeted me almost as a best customer. This is very strange as we've only been in 3 times in the last year. Still, it makes for a very enjoyable experience for us - which is probably what she was trying to achieve.
A birthday present facial at Beauty Elements at 1 o'clock didn't quite go to plan. They've moved form the shop that they were in to the old bank, next door. All was going well until the steamer spat boiling water at me. No damage was done but it pulled me out of my revelry quite sharply. Dawn and Charlotte were full of apologies and kept offering me another, free, facial. I finally caved in and accepted a free Indian Head Massage next week.
After that it was much blobbing about and Mousaka for tea.
More blobbing about but possible a curry for tea.

* Oh dear, her site is down.

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