Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

Back inside the fence

This weekend sees the end of my second month as a permanent employee.
It also sees a change in my working locations. Since I started I've been based down at our* offices in Oxfordshire, but working from home on Mondays and Fridays.
Last week I worked at home on all days but Wednesday. That day I had a couple of meetings at our client's office and was told it made more sense for me to work from here.
The second of the two meetings was to plan my involvement with our client. I'm taking over support for a specific part of their systems. The result of the meeting was that I've now moved over to being home based but with some days spent at our client's site. This arrangement formed part of my employment offer, but I didn't expect it to occur for at least another month. It is subtly different in that I'm to spend 3 days a week away - the original agreement being two. But it's just a transition period anyway. I'm working with our client's employees to implement some changes that are required as soon as possible. When this is done and dusted I should be working my contracted hours.

I'm off to play badminton in 5 minutes. Provided Phil doesn't phone to cancel, as he did last week (he was going to the Chinese New Year celebrations in Liverpool and didn't think he'd have the time to play as well).

* It's so very strange to be part of a company again, after so many years.
Tags: badminton, work

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