Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

Trains, trains and automobiles

Here I am, in work. Grand it is too.
The journey to here was interesting though. When I came down yesterday my taxi arrived on time and the Liverpool to Nuneaton train was on time. I then managed to mess things up by getting on the wrong train.
I spotted a train waiting on the platform from where mine would be leaving - so I ran. When I got there the doors were closing bu the guard asked if I wanted the service. I said yes and jumped on.
The doors closed and then announcement told me is was on my way to Leicester, not Coventry.
I alighted at the next station, Hinkley. Once I'd discovered that the next train back to Nuneaton was in just under an hours time I realised that I'd have to taxi it.
Once in the taxi office on the station concourse I discovered that I wouldn't get back to Nuneaton in time for my connection.
So, it was a £25 taxi fare to Coventry. I made the train despite the taxi driving missing the turning for the station. In fact, I would have missed it except that it was running 5 minutes late.
The bus ride from Oxford to work was uneventful. Despite my best plans I couldn't actually find where I was working. So, I called in and was told to stay where I was because "we're going to lunch". Lunch was a pint in the pub over the road.

More later...

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