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Bring me the head of a dinosaur

During my last contract I worked with a GCOS7 guru.
There wasn't anything the man didn't know about the OS. He'd been with Honeywell & Bull from near enough a boy and had worked on all the French based operating systems since the (I'm guessing) late 60s.
When the project folded he was made redundant. After a couple of months "stacking shelves" he was offered a job with a company that supports legacy GCOS7 systems throughout Europe and America. Apparently, some time ago, he mentioned to the MD that I was a jolly good egg.
Yesterday morning the MD called me and, as near as dammit, offered me a job. It's working on the financial systems for one of the last remaining GCOS7 sites in the UK. They have contracted to support the systems for another 5 years. An updating email arrive this morning asking if I'd prefer a permanent or contract position - along with details of the daily rate for contract work and salary for a permanent position.
If I take the job I'll have to work at the main offices for 3 months. However, after that can work from home for three days a week and, by arrangement, work at the client's site for the other two. (The main offices are twice as far from here than the client's).

I'm trying desperately not to read too much into this. I have an interview at the client's site one week today. He's talking money and working patterns over the phone? Is it mine for the taking?

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