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What a waste...

Well, actually not.
A friend called me late on Wednesday to say that he had a spare ticket to see The Blockheads at Pacific Road the following night.
I arranged to meet Rob at 8 o'clock but arrived a little early. One of the ventilation towers for the Queensway Tunnel is at the end of Pacific Road. I've always liked the buildings associated with the tunnel, in particular the toll booths and the towers, so wandered down to have a look. The building* looks fine up close as it does from a distance, despite the almost inevitable graffiti on the service doors.
Pacific road ends at the tower but a short path extends it to the river. There is a lovely view of Liverpool for here, with the Pier Head</> almost directly in front of you. A short distance to the right is Birkenhead's ferry terminal, Woodside. To the left is Birkenhead's Twelve Quays terminal where roll-on roll-off ferries depart from Ireland. The terminal has only been in operation for a few years and it was a shock to see it up close. Up until then I'd only seen the landward side of it - not the river side. It is mighty impressive; I really wish I'd had a camera with me. The light was perfect, as was the sea state. Oh, well.
The gig was excellent. It was nice to catch up with Rob and have a good chin-wag too. The Blockheads are a tight unit - from Normal Watt-Roy's introduction to Rhythm Stick "We're the Blockheads and we go like this" to the quiet intro of Sweet Gene Vincent, I couldn't fault them. I'd be tempted to harp on about Norman's bass playing but that would be extremely unfair on the rest of the band.

* I have my doubts about the description and the tags on this picture!
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