Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

A different Eddie

I've no idea where this came from, or where it's going, but I found it while I was traipsing though my NetBook this morning. I was quite surprise to find it - I'd forgotten that I'd written it.

"Sign here" he said, passing the clipboard to Jo. Jo signed where indicated and wondered, yet again, what she had been sent. Every Friday for the past month a parcel had arrived. Each held a small box and a piece of paper. The packing slip always had just one word on it. The first week's read "blue", the second week's "green". Then it was "yellow" followed by "red". This time the word was... "black". She hoped that whichever marketing company was playing this game finished it soon.

Jo removed the small box thinking she knew exactly what would be inside. Each week there was a clear glass block about the size of a pack of playing cards. Flicking the end of the box open she saw that today was no exception. Another paperweight.
The phone rang, displaying a number she really didn't want to see. Jo put the small box on top of a pile of papers and answered the call.

Half an hour later Jo hung up, sighed and slumped back in her seat. This shitty part of her job was really tiring - trying to convince customers that all was well - even though they knew that the project was falling apart. She leaned back, stretching her neck and closing her eyes. Trying to pretend that the bright light was the Mediterranean sun failed miserably. Sitting up, the box came back into view, its open end pointing towards her.

Something was different about this latest block. Jo could see a feint line running across the end of the glass.
The paperweight slid out easily. Turning it over and around it became apparent that this was actually two pieces of glass stuck together. They wouldn't pull apart but yielded when twisted in opposite directions. The newly exposed surfaces were no different to any of the other blocks' sides.

The phone rang again but this time Jo smiled. A couple of minutes later, having arranged a night out with her best friend, she returned to studying the blocks. Taking one in each hand she saw that they were identical. Each block was a perfectly smooth piece of clear glass with a small dot engraved in one corner. Jo set them down on the desk, aligning each block's dot at the top right. The text on the paper underneath them glared at her. She picked the blocks up and held them to the light. Both pieces turned black. Not a shiny black - a matt black. It was like looking at nothing. Jo froze for a moment and them dropped the glass in panic. They thumped down onto a pile of paper. They were clear again.

No doubt I've nicked it from somewhere, but WTF.

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