Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

Over the sticks

Something I need to record
The week before the the Aintree Grand National I walked into work to hear my sister* ask Tom "What was the name of that horse?". The answer was "Numbersixvalverde". I thought, "wow, strange name for a horse" and thought nothing more.
That evening I looked up a price for the horse on Paddy Power. They were offering 11-1 so I popped on £10. It's the first tip I've ever followed. Numbersixvalverde did the business and I got £120 back.

A few days after the race I asked Tom where the tip had come from. His answer was "Oh, it wasn't a tip, it was the horse Tina had in the sweep".

That must be one of the few times were ear-wigging has actually paid.

*Yes, I work for my sister.

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