Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

Christmas week (sort of)

I was right about the Bob Marley t-shirt. It's a medium and has gone straight to Mrs. Moor's wardrobe. (I haven't fitted in to anything labelled medium for 30 years).
We met Ed and Lyn in Stanley's Cask on Christmas Eve. An unusual choice of venue these days - it's been roundly avoided by many since its refurbishment. The last time Jane and I popped in the beer selection was awful. Thankfully they now have a decent selection again.
The place was full of old faces - it looks like the old regulars are making a slow return. Mark arrived at about 7 o'clock, about an hour after us. Jane and Lyn stuck to their usual drinks (rose wine and cider) and Ed, Mark and I drank Bishop's Tipple. (If you're ready this karentravisskarentraviss, yes I know).
Jane and I left at 10 o'clock - to make sure we didn't overdo it.
We were back in the Cask on Christmas Day, arriving just after 1 o'clock. To my surprise Ed and Lyn had only just beaten us. There were plenty of other old faces there too - including Alan Higgerson - who I haven't had a proper conversation with for many years. (Three cheers for Lyn's top too. Nice boobs honeybunch!).
We stayed until about 2:40 and then walked down to Monroes for Christmas Lunch.
We arrived back home at about 6:15. To our surprise there was a bus running which saved us walking. Even more surprisingly, it was free.
Since then, (i.e. Christmas night and Boxing Day) we've just blobbed about. we're supposed to be going out for a walk soon.

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