Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

Pimp my browser

As sbissonSimon has asked, I'll reply - here.

Here's the Firefox extensions that I'm using:

  • Adsense Notifier - regular updates on your Google Adsense earnings on your status bar

  • Flickr Fox - Flickr browsing in the sidebar

  • Sage - A lightweight RSS and Atom feed reader in the sidebar

  • FasterFox - Performance and Network tweaks for Firefox

  • Web Developer - An invaluable tool for me when I'm laying out pages using CSS

  • Grease Monkey - Add your own (or other people's) DHTML to sites. There's some great scripts for Flickr and Geobloggers

  • Spell Bound - Check your spelling in any form field. This is by far and away my favourite Firefox extension.

  • IE Tab - Open Internet Explorer in a Firefox tab. A status bar icon allows you to toggle between IE and Firefox rendering

  • Livejournal friends checker (Beta) - Notification on the status bar when your Livejournal Friends page changes

  • Abstract Mouse - Backup and share bookmarks on Abstract Mouse. Bookmarks can be marked Public, Friends Only, or Private

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