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Um. Back on me ed.
GCOS7, coz that's all I have.
Is it Christmas yet? 
16th-Dec-2005 01:32 pm
Am I having fun yet?
Last night Jane and I met Jane and Roy at the Saddle for a meal. It was good-old fashioned pub food and bloody good value for money.
We met at 6 o'clock and left at about 8:30. We spent the rest of the evening at Jane and Roy's. I got to bed at half past midnight - not good for a school night at all.
However, I enjoyed every minute of it.

This afternoon we're taking Sophie to the vets to find out why she's lost weight. She's bright enough and, as far as I can see, shows no other signs of being ill.
I'm not looking forward to this, Tortie's demise is still far too recent for comfort.
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