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Boom boom! Out go the windows.

My, my. Am I glad that I've been working from home for the last 3 or 4 months. My desk at Hemel Hempstead is probably the closest you can get to Buncefield from within the Steria building. Indeed, a lot of the TV coverage from ITN appeared to be taken from just outside my office. One of the shots actually looks like it was taken from my desk.
I'm really, really relieved that this happened on a Sunday morning. If it had been a workday I would probably be mourning some work colleagues.
According to an email this morning the office is now closed until further notice. I think I'll be finishing my contract (on 28th December) without ever returning to my desk. (Not that I'd planned on going back anyway - I'd like my personal stuff out of my desk though!).

As an aside, I'm surprised that there aren't any pictures of the fire, taken in Hemel, on Geobloggers.

There may not be any images on Geobloggers but there's some magnificent pictures tagged with Buncefield on Flickr.
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