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I've had a really quiet time recently. Hence the lack of entries over the last 3 weeks.
Highlights in that time have included:

A night out with Linda, Alan and Fran
I picked Fran up and then we caught the bus over to Liverpool where we met Linda and Alan in Dr. Duncan's.
The pub has stopped selling draught cider, leaving Jane to try 'Irish' cider from a bottle. She said it was OK but didn't want more than one bottle.
We moved on the The Crack who are still selling Jane's favourite rocket fuel. I can't remember it's name but it looks like water and is something like 8% ABV.
It was the first Saturday after the licensing laws changes. We stayed until nearly midnight jumping into a hack to take us back down town. When we arrived at the bus station we discovered that we'd missed the last regular service home. Fran then spotted a New Brighton night-bus. I was reticent about using it because it would take us home via Birkenhead — potentially a very long journey. Happily I was wrong and we were back in Wallasey within 35 minutes. Much cheaper than a cross river taxi and only 15 minutes or so slower.
I walked Fran home leaving Jane on the bus. As Fran pointed out, this left Jane to walk home herself. I was just doing what I was told.

End of contract
It's official - my current contract ends on 30th December. Merry Christmas!

Mark on Skype
Mark has discovered Skype. He talked about it when he was last over here. Initially, I had two very silly conversations with him. I could hear him and he could hear me sometimes, mainly due to his set-up. We've fallen back on chat since then and had a great time filling the gaps of each other's boring work-days. (I think chat works better anyway - it doesn't need the instant response a voice call does but is more conversational and immediate than email).
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