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Why do you come here?

Jane and I went to a Joan Armatrading concert at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall yesterday.
Before, we ate at the Bacchus Taverna on Waterloo Road. Waterloo Road is effectively the dock road, though most of the docks are gone and it would be better referred to as the old dock road. Bacchus is in an old pub building. I have it from an unsure authority that, before it became the restaurant, it was a sandwich shop. It must have been a typical old style dock road pub.
The meal was excellent but very filling. The portions were huge, as they quite often are in Greek Cypriot restaurants. When we arrived at 4 o'clock the place was empty but it slowly filled. By the time we left, at about 6:15, it was filling nicely.
We had a slow walk up to the Phil, which took about 45 minutes.

There was a support act, but I missed their name. The tall fair haired singer and piano player introduced himself and his guitar playing partner during the first song. He said something like: "HelloLiverpoolgoodeveningweareadthadhaad". He did mention their name again later, but he spoke so fast I missed it. They were quite average.
Not so Joan Armatrading, who was excellent.
It appears that the live album "All the way from America", which I've had on Napster for the last month or so, was recorded earlier in the tour. Either that or he set doesn't change much. Her backing band were quite unusual. A keyboard player, which isn't that unusual, and a drummer that doubled on baritone and tenor saxophones as well as flute. His kit comprised of a bass drum, a snare and a hi-hat. He also played conga on a couple of songs - and conga and snare on one.
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