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and so...

The state of the to-dos is so:

* Finish the Monroes web site
* Put the duff PC back together & call a doctor for it
* If I find a doctor for the PC take it around there
* Tidy up this office, it's looked like a bombs hit it for the last 4 years
* Go over to Liverpool with JaMo to do some shopping.

I've sort of started on the office but, as I was way-layed by JaMo to help finish the bathroom, I didn't finsh the web site as fast as I thought I would. Still, it was a nice learning curve. I learnt a lot about JavaScript.

We didn't go to Liverpool basically because JaMo couldn't be arsed. I did offer to take her to the pub for a couple of afternoon beers (or ciders in her case) but we didn't do that either. And we didn't have a curry from down-the-road either... JaMo overruled that with a request for Prawn Curry and chips from the chippy.


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