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The National Lottery owe me 10p

I didn't change my debit card details before they expired. This was because there was an outstanding amount on my Lottery account and I didn't want to move it back to my back bank account. There was no warning of what would happen if I didn't transfer the money and change the details.
Since the card expired in April I've been warned that my card has expired and that I should change the details. When I try to change the details it tells me I can't because there's an outstanding balance on the account. Now, because the card has expired, it won't let me transfer the money out. I'm told to telephone support to sort this out.
Bad design: All the validation is done after data entry. By that I mean, I'm told to change my details but the balance and card dates aren't checked until after I've gone through the amendment screens. Now you can only have one card on the account, so, why aren't the details validated before the renewal message is sent?
I tried the Camel-Lot careers site but it's broken, returning a 404. I was going to ask if I could talk them through simple usability techniques for a smallish fee. I don't claim to be an expert but I'm better than the monkey that signed this off. Oh, and the site doesn't support anything but Internet Explorer and Netscape on the PC. Firefox just ain't allowed.

Back at the debit card: I called telephone support this morning. I waited about 40 seconds or so before a nice chap apologised for the delay in answering my call. He then asked me some security questions and then checked the account. "Oh, I see" he said, "try again in half an hour, we'll allow the change".
That was this morning and I've just tried again. No joy, so I thought sod it, they can have the 10p. But of course, I can't close the account while there's a balance on it. But again, it didn't tell me this until I'd worked through entering a reason for closing the account* and through the "transfer outstanding amount" screen.

* Maximum 100 characters, but you're not told this until you've entered more than that.

All in all, a very poor user experience. Well done Camelot!
Tags: bad, camelot, money, web design

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