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On Thursday the software on my pesky Sony Ericsson T610 finally pushed me over the edge. I've had the phone for over a year and still not got used to its idiosyncrasies. I've finally had enough of its inconsistent dialogues and it dumping me out of SMSs that I'm composing because I pressed the wrong key. As I've had it for over a year I decided to check if I qualified for an upgrade.
I called BT on Friday. After a longish conversation I settled on a new Nokia 6230i, a £50 credit because we didn't want to upgrade Jane's phone, a Bluetooth headset, 2 new sims and a revised plan at a special rate for the first 3 months. I was very specific about not wanting a Sony Ericsson ever again when I was offered the new K750i.
On Tuesday my new K750i arrived. I then spent 2 one hour phone calls waiting to get through to BT. I eventually got through in the afternoon. I kept my calm, which is always the best thing to do in this sort of situation. I explained that I had received the wrong phone and was surprised when Michael, who I was talking to, said that he'd have to listen to my conversation from Friday to see what I'd actually ordered. I wondered why he needed to do this when there was a 14 day return policy. He told me that there wasn't on upgraded hand sets; exactly the opposite to what I'd been told on Friday. I still kept calm. Michael did a little more digging (BT appear to have the most complicated call centre software) and eventually found some notes that his colleague made on Friday. They confirmed everything I'd said.
I thought that was the end of it - expecting a collection and return of the incorrect and correct phones today - but Michael had to call me back 4 times. Each call was to confirm various bits of information, such as the K750i's serial number and the numbers of the 2 new sims. Initially I was only going to return the phone but we eventually decided that I should return the sims too. Fingers crossed that the courier turns up soon.
A pat on the back to Michael for his persistence and help. A slap across the legs for the fool that took the order on Friday.

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