Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

Yet again.

To my great surprise I find that I am yet again not tired and quite relaxed. What is going on? I did become a little wound up yesterday after talking to Jane. Her first call of the day was loaded with misery as she was going to work. I didn't help matters as I'd forgotten she was going to work.

However, I wasn't wound up by work. Morag found this surprising because I'd spent nearly all of yesterday, and a good chunk of my time the previous day, planning and applying the changes to an on-line program. I had a couple of queries about the changes which I managed to ask around 17:00. By 18:00 I had the answers and an apology with instructions to remove nearly all the changes. I don't mind, I still get paid!

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. As usual I'm going to be 200 odd miles and 4 hours away from Jane. I'll order some flowers a little later and I'm going shopping at lunch-time for chocolates.

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