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Brown bread and Yorkshire tea

Just to prove how boring I'm finding life these days here's my first decent entry in heaven knows how long. It's all wibble, hence the cut.

Rather than drive there and back in one day we decided to stay over somewhere. Jane eventually chose Haworth. We were originally going to visit the weekend before but, mainly due to my work pattern, couldn't find anywhere to stay. Jane's first choice still wasn't available the next weekend. We eventually booked into The Old Registry, which was recommended by our first choice.
I'm quite glad we didn't stay at Jane's first choice. The Old Registry is right at the bottom of Main Street, overlooking the valley. A much nicer situation than the other accommodation. We stayed in the Music Room. The CD player didn't work, but that wasn't a problem as we'd taken our own.

We arrived in Haworth early evening. After a wash and brush up we wandered up and down Main Street looking for somewhere to drink and somewhere to eat. As is quite usual for us, by the time we'd made a choice we were too late to be served. (We spent a fair amount of time in The Fleece Inn, a Timothy Taylor's pub. It was impossible for me to just walk past it).
Our evening meal was eventually a couple of pizzas, freshly cooked at The Old Registry. Damned nice they were too.

Saturday we spent a pleasant afternoon with Jane's aunt. She's very frail and somewhat depressed with her health but she was very pleased to see us.
She scared the living daylights out of me. I turned around from unloading the boot to find her standing behind me. It was like looking straight at Jane's mum.

In the evening our host recommended that we ate at Weaver's. We had a great meal. For pudding I had a mixture of Brown Bread and Yorkshire Tea ice creams. Very nice, though Jane wasn't impressed. Which didn't matter because she was equally please with her locally sourced strawberries.

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