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Talking of music...

We went to see John Martyn on Sunday night at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. He was disappointing.
I know his vocal style has never been very clear but I could understand virtually nothing. The crunch came when he sang "May you never" and I still couldn't understand what he was singing. Pretty bad really, as I know the song very well.
Jane and I gave up after the acoustic interlude. We walked down to the bus stop just in time to miss the 10:35. The half hour wait for the next bus went quite quickly; we were entertained by a slightly tipsy women who was returning home after "a good night out".

Earlier in the evening we'd eaten at the London Carriage Works. Rob, Lynn and I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately the menu was a little limited for Jane who wasn't impressed. I highly recommend the restaurant if you're ever in Liverpool.

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