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Better than that.

As Lou Reed started to play last night I thought my worst fears were going to be realised. The band were a grinding mess and it was extremely difficult to here what Lou was singing. I remember reports of his gig at the Liverpool Empire, way back in the 70s - when Transformer was released. He didn't talk to the audience at all and the performance was indifferent.
Three songs in and I was wondering how long it would be before Jane suggested leaving and I agreed. However, after that song, somebody shouted that they couldn't hear the vocals. Miraculously then, Lou loomed out of the mix and all was fine after that. After the gig Jane said that she'd been hoping things were going to get better.
Of the band, I'd give the cello player and the guitarist/keyboard player a job, but I ain't sure about the bass player or the drummer. The bass player played guitar far better than bass which leads me to think that he's really a guitar player, if you see what I mean (Lou played bass on at least one song, freeing up this other guy). The drummer came over as all style and no heart to me. He was a very capable player but something was missing. I also got the impression that the bass player wasn't really playing with the drummer. Anyway, it all turned out quite spiffingly in the end.
After the gig we made our way to the Philharmonic Pub which was stuffed full to the gills. We were supposed to meet Ed, Lyn, Jane [nee Platt] and her man in there along with Rob and Lynn who we met in the foyer. Rather than attempt to be served we wandered back to The Crack, where Jane and I had been before the concert.
We ended up staying there until closing time, downing 4 or 5 pints. It was great to talk to Rob again - I haven't seen him really for a couple of years.

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