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Ten days later (well, sort of)

As usual, time has passed me by.
Work at Hemel, last week, was - uninteresting. On Thursday I had a curry with Gyrth at the Cochin*. Richard was supposed to join us (indeed, it was originally his idea) but didn't due to "things to do". He's off skiing with Mick this week. We're supposed to be currying again next time I'm in Hemel, hopefully, he will make it then. Lynn is hoping to come along too.
On Saturday we visited the farmer's market in New Ferry. We came away with a variety of goods, including a leg of lamb, two portions of moussaka, sausages, cheese, bacon, potatoes, carrots and courgettes. We've eaten most of it, save the courgettes and sausages, and damned good it was too. The next one is on 14th May and we're going to make sure we go. In the meantime there's one in Liverpool this coming Saturday. As we've got to go over and pick up Jane's new watch we may as well pop to that one as well.
The balance of Saturday was spent in the Magazines. We were going to go to Liverpool but decided that a couple of beers would be a better idea. I was quite relieved really. The Grand National was on, which always makes the city centre busy. In addition, Merseyrail's guards had gone on strike which would push a lot of people onto the roads. While driving over to Liverpool wouldn't have been too difficult I had a feeling it would have taken a lot longer than normal.
As mentioned elsewhere I won at badminton on Sunday. We had the leg of lamb for tea. Yum.

* It appears they've lost their domain,

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