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[Going back to Sunday 12th March]
The meal at the Olive Grove was excellent. Of course, it wasn't up to Jane's required standard. I pointed out to her that any Greek food she eats in Britain isn't going to be as good as it is in Greece. However, Rob and Karen really enjoyed themselves. It appears they're thinking of going to Greece this September and showed a lot of interest when I said we'd already booked our flight. They'd be most welcome to join us but I'm not sure our idea of a good holiday is necessarily theirs.
I did manage to play badminton on Sunday and actually won a game. As Phil said, it's following the pattern it always does. We start playing again and the first week I am truly crap. The second week I manage to get my eye in and start improving. By the next game I should be making life difficult for him. Unfortunately, although we have a court booked for this week, I'm not sure if I'll be able to play because I'm full of cold. I've already cancelled a facial this afternoon and my blood donor appointment on Saturday. I doubt Dawn would want me sneezing all over her while she tried to massage my face and I don't think I will be well enough by Saturday.
I'm going to console myself with a couple of beers at 5:30.
Sunday also brought bad news - my PC died. Not good at all when I was travelling down to Hemel the next day. I solved it by popping out in the afternoon and buying a new one. That brought it's own problems though. It came pre-installed with XP SP2 which hates Citrix Mataframe and I need that to log into work. It took me a couple of hours on Sunday evening to sort it.The solution involved a download of the Mataframe Client V8 and running on Firefox in stead of Internet Explorer. This worked despite Firefox not being a "supported browser". More power to the Fox!
The old PC went to the hardware doctor on Saturday who, for the princely sum of £40, identified and replaced the motherboard as the problem. It's near enough up and running now except for the occasional hang which I've not got to the bottom of yet. That doesn't matter really, everything's coming off it over the next couple of weeks and it's going to have a fresh OS install and turn into a server.

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