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What a mad week it's been.

Last weekend Jane and I went out to Chester for a few drinks with Debbie and Ian.

We decided to stay at the Cheshire Cat again and all went well until we ordered a taxi. We were supposed to meet Debbie and Ian at 7:45. The nice man behind the bar ordered our cab for us at 7 o'clock and was told that it would be with us "within 15 minutes". Twenty minutes later it hadn't arrived. The nice man check for us and was told "it's on its way". Another 20 minutes later and the nice man was told that they were very busy and that it would be with us "sometime".
We waited another ten minutes and gave up. I drove to Debbie and Ian's. We dropped the car off and walked up to The Boot, arriving at 8:20. We were so late Ian had gone off to try and find out if we'd left a message with their baby-sitter. I will never, ever, use Abbey Taxis of Chester again.
The rest of the evening was fine. We visited a number of other pubs ending at the Frog-and-something (I'm not sure what). There was a band playing there. As Ian said, they appeared to have chosen their set from songs designed to make you smile (including Roxy Music's Pajamarama).

I used a different taxi company to retrieve the car on Sunday morning.

My working week has been full of panic coding. Changes to assessment requested at the last minute - with only a verbal specification - are not good. I survived though and, as far as I know, the release went out of the door this morning.

The garden is now looking rather spiffing*. The patio looks very good and the grass, which John finished laying this afternoon, tops it off. It'll all look even better when the garden furniture, potted plants and tool cupboard are all back in place.

* Unfortunately, it looks its best when it's wet. The different colours in the stone show through.

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