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What a very strange day.

I spent the first half of today battling against some stats reporting problems that Lynn foisted on me yesterday.
At 10:30ish Jane went off with Fran to see their mum's solicitor about her will. Jane called me at about 12:20 to say that they were waiting for Linda and then going to the Farmer's Arms for lunch. I finished work at 1 o'clock and went to join them. It poured down while I was driving to the pub.
I really enjoyed my meal (a steak and onion sandwich) but unfortunately it took about 40 minutes to arrive. It actually arrived at 2 o'clock, when I should have been back here typing away. I would have got back for 2:30 but I was collared by some guy in the pub. He turned out to be Ronnie Roberts. It was good to see him. We've exchanged email addresses so I'll have to drop him a line later.
Not surprisingly, I had an email waiting for me when I got back asking me to call Lynn. We yattered away for a while about stats and off she went.
A little while later and another phone call with Lynn resulted in me dropping the stats problems in favour of some more assessment changes (this time for Gyrth). Jo told me this morning that program cut-off was tomorrow. I ain't going to make that but when I talked to Gyrth he said he thought it was another couple of weeks away. Here's hoping!

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