March 13th, 2013


My tweets

  • Tue, 12:54: The scammers are back (if they ever went away) I had a call from "The Windows Support Team" this morning to tell me my PC was running slowly
  • Tue, 14:47: RT @jongomm: Check out the awesome vocals @rockwithdan has added to my version of Ain't Nobody. The man can SING!!! YEEAHH! ...
  • Tue, 17:08: And the user from 'planning' says, just before the working day ends, "I have a meeting on Thursday, can I have this report by tomorrow?"
  • Tue, 17:44: ♥ Allegri: Miserere by Simon Preston: Westminster Abbey Choir #lastfm:
  • Tue, 19:24: RT @iscoff: It's illegal to shine a laser pointer at a plane because a cat might attack the plane
  • Tue, 19:32: RT @prodnose: What are chances of solo Pope hopefuls being formed into a group? I mean, that's what happened with One Direction and they ...
  • Tue, 19:44: RT @mrchrisaddison: POPEVOTE LATEST: Cardinals reminded not to cross the streams.
  • Wed, 10:38: Coffee! I put coffee on an hour ago and I haven't had any yet!