December 21st, 2012


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DLL Hell, remember that?

[Stands up, bends down, blows hard. Dust billows off Livejournal]

On and off for a few months I've been playing with Android app development. It took me some time to get Eclipse, the Android SDK and Android Virtual Devices running on Windows 7. I will freely admit that this was down to my ignorance. In particular of how Eclipse worked and, in general, of how the whole setup works.

I decided to revisit all this a couple of weeks ago. I'm really quite adept at fiddling with all the components now having installed and removed and reinstalled it all a number of times.

Imagine my surprise when I couldn't get the emulator to fire up. It fired up OK and the disk access light went mental, as it always does, but nothing appeared. Some digging about in the Windows event log pointed me at an error with ig4dev32.dll. Why was this a problem? Maybe it was something to do with me now running everything on Windows 8.

A swift furtle across the intawebs found me at this page. Worth a punt I thought. I was right. It was well worth a punt, because as soon as I downloaded the dll and popped it into the sdk\tools directory the emulator "jumped" into life.

Warning: It's a DLL. An executable file from the Internet. Be feckin' careful if you decide to do this. I ain't responsible if it goes tits up and you find your system doesn't work or you've given your PC up to some organised criminals to do as they please.