August 9th, 2007


Bin there, done that

Our local council changed refuse collection services at the beginning of this financial year.
Part of their remit was to introduce fortnightly recycling collection, alternating with normal rubbish. This leaves us with 3 bins, grey for recycling, green for normal rubbish and brown for garden waste. All on a two-week collection cycle.
The green bin collection has remained fine, being collected on the correct day every other week.
The garden waste collection has been extremely erratic, quite often resulting in the bin staying out for 7 or 8 days.
Collection of the grey bin has been getting better, reducing from 4 or 5 days late to down to just one for the last 2 collections.
The grey bin was due for collection on Tuesday this week. It was emptied yesterday.

This morning another collection truck arrived. They worked their way down the road checking all the grey bins again.

I wonder when the council will realize that simply paying less for a service doesn't necessarily mean better value for money.