June 16th, 2007


Doom and gloom

Sometime back in April I noticed a blemish on the back of my left hand had changed colour. Being a responsible chap I nipped off to the doctors to have it inspected.
It turns out to be nothing more than old age creeping up on me. However, I was referred to a Dermatologist for peace of mind.
I had my appointment on Monday. The doctor confirmed that it was nothing to worry about but noticed some discolouring on my check, just below my right eye. After some inspection I was told that it's sun damage and that I should now take great care in protecting it from the sun.
This afternoon I had an appointment with the Medical Illustration Department to have the offending area photographed. I have a return appointment with the consultant on the 10th December.

Before I left for the hospital this afternoon Rob, the keyboard player and long time friend from the last band I worked for, called. He told me that Keith, the drummer from that band and the previous band I worked for, is in a local hospice. It doesn't sound like he has too long to go. I haven't seen him for maybe 15 years - I need to try and see him soon.

Happier days